flow: 1. to move along in a stream, as water or other liquid: The river flowed slowly to the sea. 2. to circulate, as the blood. 3. to stream or well forth. 4. to issue or proceed from a source: Orders flowed regularly from the central office. 5. to menstruate. 6. to come or go as in a stream, as persons or things: A constant stream of humanity flowed by. 7. to proceed continuously and smoothly, as thought, speech, etc. 8. to fall or hang loosely at full length, as hair: her hair flowed over her shoulders. 9. to overflow or abound with something: The tavern flowed with wine. 10. to rise and advance, as the tide (opposed to ebb ).--v.t. 11. to cause or permit to flow: to flow paint on a wall before brushing. 12. to cover with water or other liquid; flood.--n. 13. act of flowing. 14. . movement in or as in a stream; any continuous movement, as thought, speech, trade, etc. 15. the rate of flowing. 16. the volume of fluid that flows through a passage of any given section in a unit of time: Oil flow of the well was 500 barrels a day. 17. that which flows; a stream. 18 Scot. a. a coastal channel or small inlet. b. a wetland. 19. an outpouring or discharge of something, as in a stream: The doctor stopped the flow of blood. 20. menstruation. 21. an overflowing. 22. the rise of the tide (opposed to ebb). 23. Mach. progressive distortion of a metal object under continuous service at high temperature. 24. Physics. the transference of energy: heat flow. [ME flow(n). OE flowan; c. MLG vloien, Icel floa] --flow 'a.ble, adj. (Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language)

(see A Tribe Called Quest, "Butter")